General Education and objectives

 University education is provided by two complementary general education and professional education, to university education goals. In particular, a school-wide, interdisciplinary nature of education, students have the core competencies and interdisciplinary knowledge integration capability mechanism to play to enhance the quality of higher education based on a key role.

Professional Education positioning more clearly, aims to develop students own a professional disciplinary knowledge and skills to have a job functions. As for the general education liberal arts originated in ancient Greece, and later scholars believe that excessive differentiation of academic and professional university education, leading to knowledge was severely cut, so the twentieth century, the rise of general education, the purpose is to develop students' independent thinking, and for be aware of the different disciplines can communicate with each other, and can be different knowledge mastery; in other words, modern education, aims to nurture students with integration, analysis, and coherence of different disciplines of knowledge ability, and thus can be innovative knowledge .

Based on this, our core philosophy is based on a liberal arts education Liberal bred professional knowledge of holistic, educational objective is to promote student humanities, social and technological and cultural communication skills, character education to nurture the development of all-round view of the world, mobility, lifelong learning, Mastery of Excellence Burson nationals specific educational objectives are as follows:

  1. 1. Develop communication and lifelong learning basic skills.
  2. 2. Cultivate and laid a broad knowledge base.
  3. 3. Developing knowledge integration, critical thinking and problem asked.
  4. 4. Promote physical and mental integrity, intellectual and emotional development of harmony.
  5. 5. The promotion of contemporary society and the natural environment of care and responsibility, and experience the exercise practical value.


  Liberal school of "Citizenship and basic core education" for the position, cultivate "new spirit of liberal arts professionals Normal" for the concept of goal, and strive to Citizenship, civic knowledge, professional development to form the main structure of general education school. Citizenship but a new spirit embodied Teachers, civic knowledge is mainly based on core competencies (communicate clearly thinking, rational thinking, logical reasoning), important issues of contemporary society (multiculturalism, humanities, international vision, etc.), civil society foundation (Democratic , ethics, science, media, aesthetics literacy) and other three connotations, thus has a wide range (balanced broad knowledge base), facility (interdisciplinary, factoring Liberal), professional (professional knowledge and skills) and other three professional development content . Our main framework for general education school educational goals were also "professional model, quality excellence, transformation and innovation" as the cornerstone of the specific university students should have raised nine core competencies, this nine core capacity from general education and special education department co-cultivation, to reach our goal of university education.